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Adventure / Craft Beer / Brains / No Fear

When I was little, my grandma would bake 100's of Christmas candies, cookies, pies etc. I never had much interest in baking, but I'd fight over getting to plate the items. Composition became an obsession. As I started to explore creative art classes at Arts & Communications Highschool, I realized I was not just a typography nerd, but was also a consumer who bought packages based on how well designed, cleverly juxtaposed and ..... 

This made picking a career somewhat easy. I knew I loved art, but wanted to incorporate technology. I left the cold rain of the PacificNW and headed to The Art Institute of Cincinnati for a degree in graphic design. 

Among the many years I have been adding more creative tools to my belt, I have also fallen in love with story telling and in such, creating the best user experiences possible for companies reaching their demographic. People have adapted in the past 15 years. It's not just about displaying artwork to send a message, but creating lasting impressions and envoking emotions through words and art.

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